Ready to join the competition?

Don't just watch Twitch Rivals - be a part of it! Everyone and everything from the streamers, co-streamers, chatters, and the games we play all create a unique experience that could only happen on Twitch Rivals. Whether you're looking to team up with your favorite streamer and grab some dubs, or you just want to chill with your community and cheer someone on - we have info to help you.

Twitch Rivals is multiplayer competitive entertainment - and the best part? It's all available for co-streaming!

Co-streaming is a great way to connect with your community around Twitch Rivals competition and create content different from what you normally stream. When you co-stream, you can put your unique spin on our broadcast and add whatever you would like to make the experience special for your audience.

All Twitch Rivals events are co-streamable and we encourage creator participation from any language.

Playing in Twitch Rivals

Follow our Twitter Account to watch for opportunities to play in our Qualifiers, as well as main shows!

Brand Assets

Looking for Twitch Rivals logos? Need to reference our brand guidelines? You can find everything at the link below.

  • Capital one
  • Veriszon
  • Samsung
  • Statefarm
  • dunkin
  • Pizza hut
  • logitech