The Twitch Rivals HUD

Ever wanted to give your viewers more context as to what’s going on while you’re playing or co-streaming Twitch Rivals?

Wanted to give your stream that Twitch Rivals Feel, to make it known you’re part of the show?

Well you’re in luck, because we’ve built a toolset to let your viewers know what’s happening automatically with the Twitch Rivals HUD!

What is it?

The Twitch Rivals HUD is a Broadcast-Grade browser source you can add to your stream in under 10 seconds. Keep your viewers in the know of what’s happening during a Twitch Rivals show - scores, prizing, placement, format, and more!

There’s no need to leave your stream or install any messy files. Just add the browser source to your scene and you’re done!

3 Quick Steps To Start

  1. Add the Stream Overlay as a Browser Source ( with a width of 1920x1080.

  2. Click “Interact” with the Browser Source selected.

  3. While in the interact screen, click the Twitch Rivals “V” logo in the upper left corner to activate the different functions.

Thanks to Our Partners

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