September 30, 2021
8:00am PDT

14 pairs of creators will be split into 2 groups of 7, one of which is “Team England” and the other of which is “Team Soccer Aid World” (SAW). The two teams will play in a round robin-esque points race, in which pairs will be matched up vs. pairs from only the opposing team. The first team to reach a majority of the possible points is the winner.


  • 1-hour before show time

Detailed Tournament Format

  • Team England vs. Team SAW points race
  • PS5 only
  • All games in 2v2 FUT, head to head, 1 leg.
  • Up to 7 rounds of play (minimum of 5 rounds)
    • Each round has 7 matches with a Team England vs Team SAW matchup
    • Each pair plays each other once, but never against themselves (i.e. never Team SAW vs. Team SAW)
  • Scoring structure
    • Win = 1 pt
    • Draw = ½ pt
    • Loss = 0 pt
  • Win condition: the first team to reach 25 points is declared the winner.
    • If tied 24.5 to 24.5, a tiebreaker round would be one pair from England and one pair from SAW selected by their managers, to face-off in a final match to determine the champion
  • Team Details
  • Each team is comprised of 1 or more “captains” and 14 players
    • The 14 players are: 9 creators, 4 footballers, and 1 pro
    • Captains do not play - they co-stream, spectate, and cheer on their teams
    • The 14 players are further split into 7 pairs


Information coming soon